Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tesla new milestone: over 10,000 Supercharging installed in 30 European countries

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Tesla’s Supercharging network reached a milestone with 10,000 individual connectors (kiosks) installed in 30 European countries.

If the stations count, the number is close to 875, according to data, which is enough to provide fast charging opportunities for long trips on the old continent.

Globally, a quarter of all Tesla Superchargers are installed in Europe (over 38,500 now and over 36,100 at the end of Q2)

From the visualization on the Tesla website, in some countries, the network is very congested, but in other countries, it is only available on major highways.

The Supercharging network is consistently a priority in the country with the highest sales of Tesla electric vehicles. shows the highest Supercharging stations in Europe installed in Germany (143), France (123), UK (100), Norway (95), Sweden (65), Italy (59), Spain (50 ), Netherlands (39) , Austria (27) and Switzerland (27).

The European Supercharging Network can also be used by non-tesla electric vehicles through a pilot program.

The pilot project is currently available in 14 countries. The use of Tesla’s Supercharging network for other electric vehicles is possible thanks to the CCS Combo 2 connector, which is the highest standard for Europe.

The Tesla Supercharger in Europe (version V3) can charge up to 250 kW. Tesla is expected to launch an all-new V4 design, which could potentially handle higher power levels.

Non-Tesla electric vehicles can be recharged in Tesla’s Supercharger in more countries

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