Tesla car will soon automatically close windows if it starts raining

Tesla super charging stations

has said yes when asked about a feature that will make ’s windows close automatically if it starts to rain while your car is parked.

The account @brandonee916 asked Elon Musk if it was possible for Tesla to make a rainwater detection feature on the power windows that allows the glass to rise automatically when the user forgets to close it in an open area.

The Tesla CEO responded with a brief and positive comment, “Sure”.

It is unclear when and if it will become a standard feature across all Tesla products.

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In other words, if this happens in the future, the car key remote will have an “automatic door lock” menu that will lock when the user leaves the car.

Then simply enable ‘Window on Lock’, and your vehicle will remember to close the window, even when you don’t.

The system works whether it rains or not. If the Tesla is parked indoors and the owner prefers to open the windows for easy access, they can select “Exclude Home”.