Tesla aims to double sales of electric vehicles in Germany

Tesla aims to double sales of electric vehicles in Germany

Tesla plans to double vehicle in by 2022. “We aim to double sales every year, which means around 80,000 units by 2022,” said an executive at Tesla’s Germany plant, quoted by Reuters on Sunday.

By 2021, Tesla had sold 39,714 vehicles in Germany. As is known, the car maker from the United States (US) has built its first major European factory in Grünheide near Berlin.

Since the German plant came into operation, Tesla has increased production to more than 1,000 units every week. Now, Tesla aims to increase production output to 5,000 units every week and gradually even higher.

Tesla’s factory in Germany currently produces the Model Y electric crossover. Meanwhile, the factory in Shanghai, China, also produces the and Model Y which are sold in Germany. In addition, Tesla also imports the Model X and from US factories.

In addition to selling German-made cars domestically, Tesla also exports the cars to other European countries. However, with plans to double sales of electric cars (EVs) in Germany, it is likely that the automaker will focus more on the German market than other European countries.

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