Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Swiss Designwerk Launches Battery-Backed ‘Mega Charger’ for Electric Commercial Vehicles

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Swiss firm Designwerk Technologies AG has unveiled its pioneering ‘Mega Charger’ at pilot customer Galliker Transport, marking a milestone in electric vehicle infrastructure. The battery-supported charging unit, powered by self-generated solar energy, features two CCS charging points each delivering 420 kW.

“The new charging systems are designed to enable electric commercial vehicles to undertake long journeys without straining the power grid,” Designwerk stated. The technology not only prevents grid overload during peak charging times but also stabilizes renewable energy supply fluctuations.

According to Designwerk’s specifications, the Stationary Battery Backed Mega Charger (SBC) boasts 840 kW total charging power and up to 1 MWh battery capacity, housed in a container measuring 8.6 x 2.55 x 3 meters. This modular design allows customization based on customer needs.

Designwerk’s initiative stems from a larger demonstration project in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and academic institutions, aiming to develop advanced charging capabilities for heavy commercial vehicles. Future iterations could see capacities reaching 1.05 MW per charging point with 2 MWh battery storage, targeting enhanced efficiency and scalability.

After two years of development, the Mega Charger is operational at Galliker’s Altishofen site, integrating seamlessly with the company’s solar power network. This integration exemplifies Designwerk’s commitment to combining renewable energy and cutting-edge charging solutions to shape the future of transport logistics.

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