Friday, July 12, 2024

Sunrun launches Level 2 electric vehicle charger with Solar Power

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Sunrun, America’s leading provider of solar power, battery storage, and home energy is launching a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger in September.

The company said that this is a step they are taking to support the growing demand for electric vehicles across the country.

According to Sunrun, EV sales in the United States will more than double by 2021, accounting for 5% of all new car sales.

For this reason, Sunrun’s ambition is to help EV owners charge their vehicles quickly and safely while also providing solutions to manage the increasing energy consumption of homes.

“With the new EV charger, Sunrun advances its mission to provide energy independence, cost savings, and energy stability to all Americans,” Sunrun wrote in its announcement Tuesday, August 9.

According to Mary Powell, Chief Executive Officer of Sunrun, there is a correlation between EV ownership and solar adoption. Where, people want to fill their vehicles with sources that are clean, reliable, and of course at a lower cost.

“As we work with customers to understand their energy needs, our new EV chargers, coupled with our ability to potentially improve home solar systems to meet those needs,” explained Powell.

Sunrun’s new 40-amp Level 2 EV charger is claimed to be a convenient solution that can charge an EV overnight and is compatible with all EV models.

Moreover, Sunrun chargers will also offer smart features that allow you to configure charger settings and control charging.

The Sunrun EV charger will launch in September in the California, New Jersey, and Vermont markets. The company promised to launch it nationwide by the end of this year.

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