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Specifications of Nissan Kicks e-Power Compact Hybrid SUV

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Kicks e-Power is Nissan’s newest car in the form of a Hybrid-powered Compact SUV. Even the Nissan Kicks e-Power is claimed to be a car that uses electric car technology but without charging.

Specifications Nissan Kicks comes with a collaboration of a 12-valve conventional three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,200 cc and an EM57 electric motor with the AC3 Synchronous Motor type.

For matters of performance, Nissan claims the electric motor is capable of delivering power of 125 PS at 4,000 to 8,992 rpm.

Meanwhile, the torque produced is also quite large, namely 260 Nm at 500 to 3,008 rpm.

The gasoline engine itself acts as a generator and inverter to generate electrical power to the battery used to drive the wheels.

The Nissan Kicks e-Power car itself comes in a CVT transmission option. The conventional engine embedded in the Nissan Kicks e-Power is only a generator. If you drive the Nissan Kicks e-Power, you have the same driving impression as a full electric car.

In terms of exterior and interior appearance, this car presents a sporty and sporty exterior appearance. Meanwhile, the interior of this car also has a modern design and is added with a number of features that support driving comfort.

The head unit and the Nisan Kicks Odometer itself use an LED screen that can also be used to find out information about the vehicle.

In addition, this car is also supported with electric parking features and brake hold which makes it easier for the driver to deal with certain situations. Not only that, this Nissan Hybrid car is also equipped with Cruise Control technology.

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