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Sony wants electric vehicles with entertainment-oriented

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Japanese electronics company Sony wants to create technology to make cars not just a mobility tool, but an entertainment space connected to a 5G network like a mobile device.

To achieve this goal, Sony has two prototype cars called “Vision” which were built in Austria with parts manufacturer Magna International. Other companies involved in the project include Bosch, Valeo SE and AImotive.

However, Sony realized that they still needed new partners to manage the factory and parts. This collaboration is necessary because the development of electric cars requires a very large cost.

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As an illustration, Tesla spends billions of US dollars to produce electric cars. This also applies to other automotive manufacturers developing electric cars, including Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen.

“We see the risks of abandoning EVs outweigh the challenges it poses,” Izumi Kawanishi, the senior manager who will manage Sony Mobility’s new business, said in an interview.

When asked if Sony opened up collaboration opportunities with Chinese companies, Kawanishi replied that they would choose a new partner based on common goals.

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He also emphasized that Sony should not look for partners for too long so that it does not lag behind other companies.

“We understand that speed is important in terms of decision making,” said Kawanishi, who has been a software engineer since 1986.

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