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Seeing potential of using battery swap to reduce the risk of fire in Electric Vehicles

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Incidents of burning cars lately often occur in several countries in the world. The potential for vehicle fires can occur in any type of vehicle.

Fires in vehicles with internal combustion engines can come from fuel. For electric vehicles, a potential fire can occur due to a problem with the battery.

One solution to the high number of electric vehicle fires is through the use of a swap battery system.

In a battery swap system, electric vehicle batteries can be cooled while being charged outside the vehicle. When charging, thermal deviation such as high temperature is one of the causes of the fire.

Battery swapping is one of the most efficient methods of charging electric vehicle batteries and reducing vehicle charging time. When the electric vehicle battery runs out, the owner only needs to go to the battery exchange station and replace the exhausted battery with a new battery that is still full.

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Drained batteries are usually very hot and when they are exchanged they can be cooled at the battery exchange station while they are being recharged. When new batteries are inserted, they are cold and this can reduce the risk of fire in electric vehicle batteries.

This battery swapping system is now being pushed hard by the Chinese Government for use in electric vehicles. Besides being able to shorten the charging time, the use of this swap battery can reduce the tension during electric charging because the number of electric vehicle users is predicted to continue to grow.

However, regarding this swap battery system, Tesla had refused to use this battery system in its electric car. According to Tesla, the use of this swap battery will only cause a number of problems to the vehicle and is not suitable for wide-scale use.

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