Friday, July 12, 2024

Researchers at Penn State University might have cracked 10-minute electric vehicle charging

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Currently, several companies and research institutes are working on the fast charging of electric cars. Researchers at Penn State University in the United States recently announced a new development.

New battery technology has the potential to cut electric vehicle fully charge times in half. Fast charging technology can also reduce battery size. In addition, this new development will increase the range of electric vehicles.

The researchers’ study was published earlier this week in the journal Nature. This technology was developed in collaboration with startup EC Power supported by academics. In this new technology, ultra-thin nickel foil is added to the battery structure. This helps control the temperature to improve battery performance.

Interestingly, the increase in battery performance is not accompanied by overheating. Therefore, there is no need for a large heating and cooling system. The developer says this fast charging technology reduces battery charging time by up to 10 minutes. It also reduces battery size by two thirds.

Indeed, at this time the fundamental challenge about electric cars is full charging time. Thus, there is an effort to reduce the full charge time and make the system more efficient. In the 2022 Deloitte Global Automotive Survey, 1 in 10 cited this as a major problem for those who drive electric vehicles.

According to Penn State, EC Power is currently trying to manufacture and sell new batteries. Batteries are one of the core aspects of electric vehicles. In fact, electric batteries are a new trend. This requires some kind of efficient and intelligent management system.

Currently, there are ongoing studies on robust battery packs. This battery pack can support users’ longer mileage needs. The goal is also to reduce the full charge time to as low as 15 minutes.

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