Tuesday, July 16, 2024

PRiMX – New battery from Samsung SDI officially announced

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Samsung SDI just announced their brand new battery called PRiMX (Pronounced as Praimax). This South Korean manufacturer has a super-gap technology in the launch of PRiMX.

In its release, PRiMX stands for ‘Prime Battery for Maximum Experience.’ PRiMX itself was developed under three keywords, ‘Absolute Quality,’ ‘Excellent Performance,’ and ‘Proven Excellence.’

In terms of quality, Samsung SDI strengthens the quality control of batteries produced from development, manufacture and delivery. Strict checks are carried out starting from the selection of basic materials and designs that are expected to improve battery quality.

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In the manufacturing process of PRiMX , Samsung SDI AI algorithm based on deep learning for detection of battery defects in manufacturing and shipping phases.

Samsung SDI claims the PRiMX is a high-capacity, high-power battery with the latest material technologies including a nickel cathode and a high silicon anode. Large capacity is very important to determine the performance of electric vehicles, especially related to vehicle mileage.

In particular, the developed super-fast charging technology uses a new technique to minimize the distance and transport time of lithium-ion by reducing the resistance within the battery cells.

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PRiMX has been registered as a Korean and European trademark. PRiMX will soon be registered in the US.

“PRIMX is a battery brand that conveys Samsung SDI’s unique identity,” said Executive Vice President Michael Son of the Samsung SDI Strategic Marketing Team.

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