Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Powerland ATV Announces the Tachyon Electric ATV: A New Addition to the Emerging Electric Off-Road Vehicle Market

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Powerland ATV, an Indian company, is making waves in the nascent electric ATV market with the upcoming Tachyon electric ATV. Although the market for electric ATVs is still limited, Powerland ATV believes that the Tachyon has what it takes to stand out in terms of speed, power, and efficiency.

The Tachyon is equipped with four in-wheel motors that provide all-wheel-drive and 50 hp (37 kW) of peak power, with a torque output of 210 Nm (155 lb-ft) per wheel. Unlike traditional ATVs, the Tachyon has no differential, transmission, gearbox, or CV joints, resulting in a simplified mechanical design that requires less maintenance.

The Tachyon is powered by an 11 kWh battery that provides a range of up to 110 km (68 miles), and a higher capacity 15.5 kWh battery is also in development to increase the range. With a 0-60 km/h (36 mph) acceleration time of four seconds, the Tachyon offers impressive performance.

Depending on the country of export and vehicle classification, the Tachyon’s top speed varies. For instance, countries with tractor classifications will limit the Tachyon’s speed to between 40-60 km/h (25-36 mph), while countries with L7e B1 classification will have the electronic speed limiter increased to 90 km/h (56 km/h), which is the maximum allowable top speed for this category.

The Tachyon is expected to be priced at €14,500 before taxes in Europe and US $15,000 before taxes in the US. Powerland ATV is also developing UTVs with 2-seater and 4-seater variants, as well as a smaller electric 4×4 ATV.

The company is currently in talks to raise its second round of funding and is setting up a new manufacturing facility in India with an estimated production capacity of 10,000 units per year.

Electric ATVs offer several benefits over their gas-powered counterparts, including lower long-term ownership costs due to simplified mechanical components, instant torque delivery, and minimal environmental impact. As electric off-road vehicles become more popular among off-road enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers, Powerland ATV is positioning itself as a key player in this emerging market.

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