Monday, July 22, 2024

Paired Power Introduces PairTree: Solar-Powered Canopy for Off-Grid EV Charging

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US-based solar charging infrastructure manufacturer Paired Power has unveiled PairTree, a solar-powered canopy designed to facilitate off-grid charging for electric vehicles (EVs).

Commercial rollout of PairTree began late last year, offering a convenient solution for EV charging that can be swiftly installed within approximately four hours. Its ballasted steel foundation is designed to seamlessly integrate into standard parking spaces. Notably, PairTree distinguishes itself through the utilization of bifacial solar panels, boasting 4.6 kW units that enhance energy yield by up to 15% compared to conventional panels. In practical terms, this performance is comparable to a 5.3 kW solar array.

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Equipped with a UL 9450-listed lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system, PairTree offers a flexible range of daily mileage, ranging from 75 to 230 miles, depending on the selected capacity. The system can accommodate either one or two Level 2 EV chargers, catering to varying needs.

Designed to operate in temperatures spanning from -20F to 120F, PairTree is engineered to withstand winds of up to 130 mph, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse environments.

Users can conveniently manage charging through the “Paired Powered” app, developed in collaboration with EvGateway, which also offers access to online support. Remote updates and diagnostics for both EV chargers and solar components further enhance the system’s functionality and convenience.

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Paired Power has priced PairTree between $28,000 and $78,000, depending on battery size and charger requirements, with potential installation costs of up to $5,000. However, buyers may benefit from a tax credit of 40% under the Inflation Reduction Act, offsetting a portion of their expenses.

In a notable deployment, Paired Power supplied a PairTree unit to Kaerskov Vineyard and Carr Winery in California’s Kaerskov Vineyard, where it will be utilized to charge a Monarch electric tractor, highlighting the versatility and applicability of PairTree in diverse settings.

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