Oxbotica uses “metaverse” to accelerate autonomous EVs detection scenarios

Oxbotica - Oxbotica uses "metaverse" to accelerate autonomous EVs detection scenarios

vehicle company is reportedly exploring the virtual world by leveraging intelligence from Artificial Intelligence (AI) .

This expansion is carried out by Oxbotica to speed up verification of the effectiveness and safety of autonomous technology that is often embedded in .

Utilizing an AI technology called , Oxbotica will later be able to perform a series of checks on the autonomous system that will be embedded in electric vehicles, including the feasibility of being autonomous in various conditions, including rain, snow, fog, at night or during the day.

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Not only that, quoting from the Computerweekly website, the autonomous system will also be tested to conquer various difficult terrains and obstacles. This series of tests is intended so that the autonomous system that is made is proven to be able to maintain the safety of the driver, especially when the car is running alone without the assistance of the driver’s control.

“Oxbotica MetaDriver is a suite of tools that offers more than just live simulation. Through this technology we and our customers can perform practically unlimited testing,” said Oxbotica founder Paul Newman.

That way Oxbotica can accelerate the spread of electric vehicles, especially in the plains of Europe, considering that currently Europe itself is reducing the production of carbon emissions produced by vehicles.