Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Munro Unveils Series-M: The Evolution of Their Electric Off-Roader

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Munro, the Great Britain-based manufacturer, has provided a sneak peek into the production-spec Series-M, following the debut of the MK_1 pre-production prototype. This eagerly awaited release comes a year after the MK_1 made its mark, designed primarily for industries such as mining, construction, utilities, agriculture, and defense.

Munro’s Head of Design, Ross Compton, highlighted that the Series-M underwent substantial changes based on extensive field trials and customer feedback received from the MK_1 pre-production models. Maintaining the Truck (SUV) and Pickup bodystyles, the Series-M showcases not only aesthetic enhancements but also critical engineering updates.

Externally, the Series-M boasts a more distinctive design, aimed at improving forward visibility, practicality, servicing, aerodynamics, cooling performance, and overall efficiency. The redesigned nose exudes ruggedness, with round headlights flanking a set of intakes that, in tandem with the grille, enhance cooling and aerodynamics. A newly inclined bonnet and sculpted front and rear fenders lead to rounded wheel arches, while a roof-mounted “exoskeleton” facilitates the mounting of various equipment, catering to Munro’s target audience.

Credit: Munro

Inside, the Series-M introduces features such as an adjustable steering column, steering wheel-mounted controls, and improved ergonomics. Safety is further prioritized with available airbags, ABS, stability control, and traction control. Additionally, the ride experience is enhanced with the incorporation of sound-deadening materials for reduced cabin noise.

Under the hood, the Series-M replaces its battery pack with a more durable Lithium Iron Phosphate unit, capable of rapid charging at 130 kW, a notable improvement over the previous 100 kW charging capability. The targeted range also sees a boost, with the Series-M now offering 200 miles (322 km), an increase of 10 miles (16 km) compared to earlier estimates. Engineers have also improved thermal efficiency by utilizing drivetrain-generated heat to warm the cabin.

The Series-M will feature a single electric motor available in two versions: the M170 producing 228 hp (170 kW / 231 PS) and the M280, delivering up to 375 hp (280 kW / 381 PS). Both models retain Munro’s mechanical full-time 4WD system, ensuring exceptional off-road capabilities.

One notable claim from Munro is that their EVs are engineered for up to 50 years of service, contingent on adhering to maintenance and refurbishment guidelines.

Credit: Munro

The eagerly anticipated Series-M pilot vehicles are set to commence deliveries by the end of this year, with the final model scheduled to begin production in Scotland in mid-2024. Pricing in the UK will start at £49,995 ($60,408) for both the Truck and Pickup models. Furthermore, Munro’s CEO and Co-Founder, Russell Peterson, has revealed that they have secured reservations and sales agreements for 8 pilot vehicles in 2023 and an additional 221 production vehicles in 2024-2025. The company has ambitious plans to ramp up production to an annual rate of 2,500 vehicles by 2027.

In a bid to support this growth, Munro has also announced an equity crowdfunding round through the Seedrs investment platform, running from October 3 to 31. These funds will be used to hire additional personnel and expand their facilities, marking yet another chapter in Munro’s electric off-roading journey.

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