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Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter specifications : Everything you need to know

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In general, the appearance of the Fuso eCanter electric truck is not much different from ordinary (conventional) Fuso trucks in general, but on this Fuso eCanter there are a few details that make it more futuristic, namely the ‘Fuso’ badge behind transparent acrylic which makes it look more modern and modern. ‘clean’.

This electric truck has a wind deflector or crested with a new model which is claimed to have three uses, namely improving the aerodynamic coefficient of drag, enhancing the appearance and preventing cables from getting stuck in the box.

Furthermore, for the interior, the layout of the eCanter dashboard has a dark feel and is studded with advanced features such as air conditioning which is equipped with automatic climate control features, headlamps with manual leveling functions as well as a touch screen head unit and a start/stop button.

The cabin of this truck is really the driver will be spoiled with many advanced features. On the steering wheel, there are SRS Airbags that will protect the driver in the event of a frontal collision.

The sitting position in a truck is certainly not ergonomic, but the sitting position in the eCanter seat is still much better when compared to other trucks where the steering wheel position can be adjusted tilt and telescopically and there is a hand rest that makes driving more relaxed.

The electric motor used by the Fuso eCanter is an AC Synchronous Electric Motor. The power generated by this electric motor can reach 180 hp with a maximum torque of 380 Nm. The power and torque are channeled to the inverter single gear reduction automatic transmission and transmitted via coupling to the rear wheels.

Although the power and torque produced is quite large, there is a potential for heat due to use that must be controlled. Therefore, this truck has three radiators, each of which is in charge of cooling the electric motor, inverter, and battery.

The total battery capacity of the Mitsubishi Fuso eCanter is 82 kWh spread over 6 battery packs. Mitsubishi claims the 66 kWh in the battery can be used to drive this truck as far as 100 km on a single charge. The distance is obtained from the assumption that if the load is filled it reaches 75% of the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The maximum payload of this truck is 4,125 kg (4 tons) which means 75% of it is around 3,110 kg (3 tons). The battery used by the electric Fuso is a Lithium-ion type in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz with a voltage of 360 volts.

Regarding safety features, the four wheels of the eCanter have been embedded with four discs on the front and rear wheels and are equipped with ABS & EBD functions with Two Stage Regenerative.

In addition, several assistance features are also embedded such as assistance when on an incline, an anti-lock braking system, an electronic stability program to keep the vehicle stable, and a lane departure warning system to keep the vehicle on track.

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