Mitsubishi eK X EV Debuts As $18,756 Electric Kei Car With 180 km Of Range

Mitsubishi launched the All New eK X EV tiny electric car, Friday, May 20, 2022. This car is included in the electric kei car segment and will be sold starting in the summer in Japan.

The all-new eK X EV is offered with prices ranging from 2,398,000 yen ($18,756) to 2,932,600 yen ($22,937). The price includes a 10 percent consumption tax imposed by the Japanese government.

The All New eK X EV is a Mitsubishi Motors kei car series with an SUV taste, and offers sufficient mileage for daily use, which is 180 km on a single charge (WLTC5 method). This model is equipped with a 20 kilowatt (kWh) battery and features two charging ports, regular and fast. The ordinary charging port (AC200V/14.5A) takes about 8 hours to reach full charge. While fast charging only takes about 40 minutes to charge 80 percent.

These two charging ports give users the option to charge the eK X EV battery. The regular charging port is generally used at home and the fast charging port is used during long-distance travel (via the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station/SPKLU).

Mitsubishi implements a cooling system from the air conditioner to maintain the temperature of the battery. So a high charge rate can be maintained even after repeated high speed driving and fast charging.

The maximum torque is 195 Nm, almost double that of the petrol turbo models of the same class, and the motor performance has also been improved to achieve a smooth and powerful driving performance.

This model has three driving modes, allowing the driver to select the desired mode according to the driving conditions – Normal mode, which is optimal for city driving; Eco mode, which reduces motor output to increase power consumption; and Sport mode, which provides sharp throttle response.

This vehicle uses the Innovative Pedal Operation Mode which allows control of acceleration and deceleration by simply operating the accelerator pedal. It’s reminiscent of the one-pedal system used on the Nissan Kicks e-Power. The use of this pedal system is claimed to reduce driver fatigue when operating the vehicle by providing the appropriate braking force without the need to switch from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal when slowing down.

This new model has a spacious and pleasant cabin and ease of use like the eK X, other kei cars. eK X Kei Car can also provide a smooth and powerful driving experience by giving the driver a sense of calm and comfort. Riders gain comfort through advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.

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