MINI Electric battery : Everything You should know

Mini Electric scaled - MINI Electric battery : Everything You should know

The is the first full- from the legendary British brand to come with a distinctively iconic design.

Of course, the specifications of the installed in the Electric are in the spotlight. From the official data, this electric car battery has a capacity of 32.6 kWh.

With a real capacity used as a powertrain source of electrical energy of 28.9 kWh.

When converted, the battery which is arranged in 12 pack modules can store 28,900 watts of electrical energy. If it is used to provide electricity to non-subsidized 4,400 VA houses, it can be as many as 6 houses.

That’s in terms of battery capacity, now discussing the mileage that can be achieved. From the battery capacity, this electric car has a range of 232 kilometers.

For battery charging, there are at least 3 options to choose from. Namely using a 2.3 kW portable charger and an 11 kW wall charger provided, as well as 50 kW DC .

A portable charger that can be plugged into a home electrical outlet takes 12 hours from empty to 80 percent with AC power.

The wall charger taken from the electricity meter is the same as AC electric current, it takes 2.5 hours to charge up to 80 percent.

And a fast charger with DC electricity only takes 36 minutes to 80 percent.