Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Milence Expands Electric Truck Charging Network into Italy

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Milence, a specialist in truck charging infrastructure and a joint venture involving Daimler Truck, Traton, and the Volvo Group, is set to establish a new charging hub for electric trucks south of Verona, Italy.

The hub, scheduled to open in the third quarter, represents Milence’s expansion into Italy, adding to its growing network across Europe, which includes locations in the Benelux countries, France, Germany, and Sweden. Positioned in Bagnolo San Vito, in the province of Mantua, approximately 40 kilometers south of Verona along the A22 motorway, the hub aims to serve as a pivotal point on Europe’s north-south transport corridor.

“The A22 is a critical highway in Italy, linking the industrial hubs of northern Italy with southern ports and major cities like Milan, Rome, and Naples,” Milence noted, emphasizing the strategic importance of the location.

Milence plans to initially install four CCS chargers with capacities up to 400 kW, accommodating five charging bays. Future phases will expand the hub with megawatt chargers and additional amenities tailored for truck drivers, consistent with its approach at other locations across Europe.

Milence CEO Anja Niersen remarked, “Within two years, Milence has made significant strides in establishing multiple charging hubs along key European routes, supporting sustainable transport initiatives. This hub marks our entry into Italy and reinforces our commitment to enhancing connectivity across the continent.”

The joint venture aims to deploy approximately 1,700 high-power charging points across Europe by 2027, with existing hubs operational in Venlo, Heudebouville, and Antwerp-Bruges.

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