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Mercedes-Benz Launches All electric EQS SUV, range up to 660 km

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Mercedes-Benz launched the EQS electric SUV with a range of 660 km on Tuesday 19 April 2022. This electric vehicle is an SUV version of the EQS electric sedan and will go on sale in the fall.

In its portfolio, this vehicle is the second electric SUV produced by Mercedes-Benz after the EQC. Production is scheduled to begin at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant this year.

The United States and Canada are the main markets for the EQS electric SUV. In addition to America and Canada, the EQS electric SUV is also for the European market.

Mercedes-Benz itself has not revealed how much the new SUV will be offered. But as an illustration, the sedan version of the EQS starts at around US $ 103,000 in the United States.

The truck and SUV market in the United States is huge. Last year, three quarters of new car sales in the US market last year were trucks and SUVs. This makes car manufacturers vying to make large vehicles for this market.

In March, Mercedes-Benz opened its first US electric vehicle battery factory in Tuscaloosa. This is done to localize the production chain.

In the first quarter of 2022, Mercedes-Benz sold 21,900 fully electric vehicles globally. The number is three times more than the first quarter of last year. The number is considered large considering the overall sales of all vehicles fell 15 percent.

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