Lamborghini’s future electric vehicle retains its ICE car DNA

Lamborghini Huracan - Lamborghini's future electric vehicle retains its ICE car DNA

Luxury manufacturer will switch from gasoline engine cars to electric cars in the next few years. However, the Italian car manufacturer ensures the of electric cars will not be inferior to gasoline cars.

Launching the Carscoops page, in 2028 Lamborghini scheduled the debut of their first . Lambo has also begun to transition to electrification by presenting several hybrid car models.

“What is important in the future you will always see an emotional Lamborghini,” said Mitja Borkert, Head of Lamborghini Design, quoted today, Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Lamborghini America CEO Andrea Baldi revealed that one of the things that Lamborghini customers still hope for in the future is his fierce voice. Baldi ensures that the booming sound will continue to be present in Lamborghini cars for years to come.

“Today’s noise is a great element, hybridization will not eliminate that part. This noise is still there. At least for our three models,” he said.

Baldi believes that loyal customers of Lamborghini supercars will not close the opportunity for Lambo sports cars to have electrified DNA. Consumers may also be interested in Lamborghini’s electric sports car.

Lamborghini also ensures the exterior and interior design of the electric supercar in the future will not change much from today. The appearance of the Lamborghini car will have the characteristics of a “bull rampage” according to its logo.

Borkert said Lamborghini was working on a spaceship, a Lamborghini electric supercar with a 10-12 cylinder engine. When the car is driven at high speed the sound produced is like a Star Wars spaceship.