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Kawasaki present electric motorcycle prototype, coming in 2025

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Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Kawasaki, realizes that the electrified vehicle market looks promising in the future. Even recently, they showed a prototype electric motorcycle concept that they plan to prepare for a production version at the end of this year or early next year.

The electric motorcycle concept from Kawasaki was launched at the Intermot 2022 event in Cologne, Germany, in mid-October yesterday. In this launch event, Kawasaki said that the presence of the concept electric motorcycle, which is still a prototype, is a serious step for this Japanese manufacturer in welcoming the era of electrification.

Kawasaki said this motorbike was the first unit of approximately 10 of their electrified motorcycle products until 2025. In addition to pure electric motors, Kawasaki also plans to present a hybrid-tech motorcycle.

In the presentation of this product, Kawasaki also said that this motorbike will have a performance equivalent to a conventional motorcycle with a capacity of 125 cc. In addition, Kawasaki mentions that the silhouette and body base used are practically the same as those used in the Z400. Also, with the same dimensions as the Z400, the electric motor is intended for the entry-level market at a fairly affordable price.

At first glance, indeed starting from the bodywork, tail, headlight cluster, and front suspension are really taken from the Z400. One of the changes compared to the Z400 is the absence of a gas tank and the use of brakes and tires taken from the Kawasaki Z300 and Ninja 300. Even so, Kawasaki has not wanted to reveal more about the full details of this electric motorcycle.

Managing Director of Kawasaki Motor Europe, Masaya Tsuruno said that although they were serious about presenting electrified motorcycles, they still maintained the production of conventional production motorcycles. Tsuruno also said that Kawasaki’s conventional motorized motorcycles will support the use of environmentally friendly fuels such as e-fuels and biofuels.

Kawasaki showcases Z series-based electric motorcycle concept at Intermot 2022

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