Friday, July 12, 2024

Irizar announced order for 10 ie tram electric buses from Transports Ciutat Comtal in Pamplona

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The Spanish bus manufacturer Irizar has received an order for 20 ‘Irizar ie’ trams from Transports Ciutat Comtal (TCC) to be used in the Pamplona area.

This order continues several previous orders from other transport operators such as Autobuses Urbanos de Valladolid last July.

Deliveries of the ‘Irizar ie’ tram for TCC are slated to begin in mid-2023. The electric bus comes with the latest generation 430 kWh battery and is equipped with a 206 kW traction engine.

Irizar ie has three doors and has a capacity of up to 80 passengers, with 25 seats for passengers, including facilities for people with disabilities.

This electric bus can be charged using an inverted pantograph or by slow charging in the garage. Buses do not use conventional rearview mirrors. Instead, the bus uses two digital cameras displayed on a screen in the cockpit. The company guarantees excellent visibility of the two cameras used under all lighting conditions.

TCC Pamplona already has a fleet of 159 buses, 135 of which are required during peak hours. The bus service network has 553 stops along 24 daytime urban lines and 10 night lines.

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