Saturday, July 13, 2024

Huawei releases Aito M5 electric SUV in China

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Huawei recently revealed its first electric SUV, the Aito M5, in collaboration with Chinese EV manufacturer Seres. This new model will compete with the Tesla Model Y and other electric cars in China which is the largest electric vehicle market in the world today.

The all-electric Aito M5 is claimed to have a range of up to 620 kilometers, exceeding its competitors in the same segment. For example, the Tesla Model Y has a mileage of 545 km or the EVs from German manufacturers BMW and Audi offer around 550 km of mileage.

Huawei says the Aito M5 performs “much better” than the Tesla Model Y and “offers a more luxurious interior”. Yu claims, the Aito M5 is easier to control on rough road terrain and has a quieter cabin.

Huawei claims there have been 30,000 pre-orders in just four hours after the all-electric Aito M5 was announced. Compared to last December, Huawei only received around 6,500 pre-orders in four days after releasing the plug-in hybrid version of the Aito M5 SUV.

The new model comes in a price range between RMB 288,600 for the standard trim level and RMB 319,800 for the highest trim level.

While it’s more expensive than the plug-in hybrid version of the Aito M5, it’s significantly cheaper than its closest competitor, the Tesla Model Y, which costs RMB 316,900 for the base trim level in China.

What we know so far about Huawei Aito M5 Specifications

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