Genesis GV60 Electric Crossover Ready for UK Market, Pricing Starts at £47,005

Genesis GV60 Price UK

The price of the marketed in the has been officially announced. Where, the twin of the and Kia EV6 is priced starting at £47,005 ($58,087).

This is offered in several variants, namely Premium, Sport and Sport Plus. And powered by a single motor with rear-wheel drive and pumping power up to 226 hp.

Genesis GV60 Sport

The GV60 Sport is priced at £53,605 ($66,243) and is equipped with an electric motor that produces 214 hp at the rear and 99 hp at the front. This variant is able to reach a distance of 470 km. The Sport Plus variant is priced at £64,405 ($79,590), and is equipped with an electric motor with a combined power of 429 hp, with a of 465 km.

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According to the Managing Director of Genesis Motor Europe, Dominique Boesch, “The Genesis GV60 is a major milestone in our electrification journey.

All three Genesis GV60 variants marketed in the UK support 350 kW charging, allowing the to be charged from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes.

Sales And Deliveries Kick Off On June 6

“This vehicle combines premium performance and intuitive technology to deliver a new generation of electric vehicles without compromise. This is the first of three electric models launched this year and the Genesis GV60 marks the brand’s commitment to full electrification by 2025,” said Boesch.

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Pre-orders are now open and sales of the Genesis GV60 will officially begin on June 6. The first customer will also be made on the same day.

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