Friday, July 12, 2024

General Motors Prepares Autonomous Cars Designed to Train New Drivers

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General Motors tries to present a new breakthrough that has not been thought of before, namely an autonomous car that can teach beginners to drive a car well. Interestingly, the car is not only able to train but also provides an assessment of the beginner’s ability to control the car.

Yes, in fact the car will later be used as a driving test car which is always used to get a driver’s license in the United States. So in the future, the entire driving training and assessment process will be carried out in a measurable manner.

The reason is that all assessments will be carried out on a computerized basis. So there will be no subjective assessment.

The success of prospective drivers will also be measured by various sensors in autonomous cars. Thanks to the car sensors, it can also provide input to the novice driver to really be able to drive a car properly and correctly.

Even though they will run autonomously, that doesn’t mean the cars will negate the presence of instructors. Motor1 is mentioned, the instructor is still used in the car. It’s just that the task is no longer to train or assess but more towards supervision.

Currently General Motors has submitted the patent to the United States Patent and Trade Mark Filing. In addition to the patent application, the Detroit, United States-based automotive company also includes several technologies that will indeed be an indicator of the success of a prospective driver in driving a car, such as cameras, LIDAR, sensors and GPS.

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