Ford E-Transit Custom specifications : Everything you need to know

Ford E-Transit Custom specifications

Ford Pro displays the Custom commercial at the IAA Transportation event in Hannover, Germany (20-25/9).

The presence of the Ford E-Transit Custom car at IAA Transportation is the first appearance after its launch on September 8.

Ford’s latest commercial electric car is featured alongside its sibling, the Ford Transit Custom, which is now available in a choice of plug-in hybrid and diesel engines.

“Our new Ford E-Transit Custom will help more small businesses than ever to transition to electric cars,” said Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro Europe.

“For businesses that are not ready for electric cars, there are also Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrids and EcoBlues that can accelerate productivity,” added Schep.

The Ford E-Transit Custom comes in two choices of rear-wheel drive electric motors, namely 100 kW or 134 hp and 160 kW or 214 hp.

The two electric motor options are both capable of spitting out 415 Nm of torque, almost equivalent to the rear-wheel-drive Mustang Mach-E.

Thanks to the mighty electric motor, the E-Transit Custom is claimed to be able to transport cargo with a maximum weight of 1,100 kilograms or 1.1 tons.

Ford claims the E-Transit Custom can tow a trailer or caravan with a maximum weight of 2 tons.

Regarding the , the Ford E-Transit Custom only has one battery capacity option, which is 74 kWh.

This battery is targeted to give the E-Transit Custom a 380km range that Ford claims is four times the daily distance of a van driver.

The battery used by the E-Transit Custom is similar in to the F-150 Lightning and has a voltage of 400 Volts.

For charging, Ford says the E-Transit Custom battery supports 125 kW .

With this fast charging, the E-Transit Custom battery can be charged from 15-80 percent in just 41 minutes.

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