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Everything You should know about two new Cenntro electric vans

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At the IAA transport exhibition taking place from 20-25 September 2022 in Hanover, Centro Automotive Europe presents the world’s first combined vehicle, consisting of an electric van combined with electric cooling and operating independently.

Launched as an emission-free frozen and refrigerated cargo operation solution in urban areas, it is available with the Logistar 200 and Metro series. For customers who have ordered, indent unit delivery between 9 to 12 weeks.

Thanks to the integrated cooling unit and separate battery, temperature management for innovative bodywork functions can be obtained from the van running or stationary. The cooling process does not have any effect on the vehicle’s traction battery.

The CT F3 cooler is available for Logistar 200 Transporter and Logistar 200 Cargo models featuring its own 48V lithium battery pack with 10 kW. The CT U2 unit is provided with an independent 24V lithium battery pack and 5.5 kW is used for the compact Metro electric van.

Metro and Logistar 200 coolers offer the same features and benefits. The temperature range is designed to operate down to minus 20 degrees Celsius for freezing and plus 25 degrees Celsius for new shipments.

Regardless of the conditions of delivery, the goods being transported can remain cold at a constant temperature for six to eight hours. The quiet, emission-free working of the van ensures that the vehicle can access all environmental zones and makes night deliveries more enjoyable.

The charging time of this van is seven hours with a normal charging device. The external battery for the heat sink can be charged simultaneously and pre-cooled the charge area.

The cooling unit roof can also be equipped with flexible solar cells as an additional option, making it possible to supply up to 40 percent of battery capacity with renewable energy, making emission-free electric utility vehicles even better.

Alain van Münster, EMEA’s Vice President of Sales, said the new structure of sustainable city logistics requires actions that go beyond driving technology.

“By using our ecosystem, consisting of electric utility vehicles and innovative body structures, we are able to meet the requirements of different sectors. At the same time, we are making an important contribution to globally set climate goals and reducing exhaust emissions in the logistics sector in the long term,” said Alain.

Centro introduces two electric cargo vans at IAA Transportation 2022

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