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Everything You Should Know About Specification BMW X3 xDrive30e

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The X3 xDrive30e is a BMW electrified car model that was first launched in November 2019. The new BMW X3 xDrive30e combines the distinctive qualities of a Sports Activity Vehicle with highly efficient drive technology.

In terms of exterior, the appearance of the BMW X3 xDrive30e looks similar to the petrol engine version, the X3. But when you turn to the side of the body, there is a charging port to charge the battery.

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The rest remains the same, has a sporty and dynamic shape that makes it look very attractive.

The main lights are LED which provide sharpness, as well as present brighter lighting when driving at night.

The taillights are also LED with a distinctive curve from BMW, as well as a very sporty trunk door display with a bodykit.

The interior is equipped with a head unit that displays the condition of the battery and the amount of consumption. Then, there is also an eDrive button, if activated only the electric motor works.

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Under the hood is a 1,998 cc petrol engine with a turbo powered of 184 hp at 6500 rpm. The machine is juxtaposed with an electric motor that can generate power up to 109 hp.

When both work simultaneously, the power produced reaches 292 hp and peak torque of 420 Nm. Acceleration from 0-100 km per hour is only 6.1 seconds.

The transmission system uses an 8-speed Steptronic.

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