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BMW i3 will be transformed into a sedan version in China

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We know the BMW i3 as an electric hatchback model. But in China it’s different, because the i3 is known to be circulating in the form of a sedan. Yes, according to the numbers, the i3 in question circulates as if it were an electric version of the Series 3 sedan.

Authorities in China revealed a series of visual documents calling it the All-New BMW i3. It seems very clear the identity of the Series 3 sedan in the model called the new i3. However, compared to the standard version, there are a number of differentiators that characterize the i3 sedan version.

It is stated that the i3 Sedan is based on the Long Wheelbase 3 Series, which has been circulated specifically for the Chinese market. If you look at the looks, the main differentiator is in the double kidney grille which is completely closed due to increasing aerodynamic efficiency. The inside of the bezel grille is also decorated with BMW i signature blue accents, symbolizing electrification.

The air ducts are not completely removed, because BMW still provides intakes at the bottom of the grille and side of the front bumper. The design of the main lamp is also different, because there is no recess in the lower line. The front fascia has a sporty character, such as adopting parts from the M Sport, with a large intake design.

Then the distinctive design of an electric car is also seen from the shape of the wheels which are more closed in the cavity between each bar, to produce a minimum coefficient of drag. Then the side skirt design is no less prominent, with a sporty-style shape.

The most striking is on the back. The bottom of the bumper gets a large diffuser like a sports car, also with blue accents. The emblem on the trunk hood reads i3, then is accompanied by a powertrain marker, namely eDrive35L. there is also an information sheet about the available i3 accessory options according to the variants such as the grille, front bumper, wheels, and mirror covers.

Information in the form of a listing from the Chinese government states that the i3 Sedan has a relatively benign performance. It is said that the top speed is only 180 km/hour. While one of the variants has an electric motor that can produce 335 hp, the same as the output of the i4 eDrive40. The Varain relies on only one electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

So far, there is not much information regarding specifications available. However, if the i3 shares technical specifications like the i4, then it could also be equipped with an 83.9 kWh lithium-ion battery. At least with this battery the i4 has a claimed mileage of up to 493 km, according to EPA estimates.

Predictably, BMW will introduce this sedan version of the i3 soon. Because the information that is spread looks quite valid even though it is not official. The guess so far is that the 2022 Beijing Auto Show will be the moment when the new BMW i3 debuts, which will be held in April.

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