Everything You should know about Lectric’s XP 2.0 electric folding bike

Everything You should know about Lectric’s XP 2.0 electric folding bike

Lectric, a manufacturer based in the United States (US), has launched the XP 2.0 folding .

Similar to other Lectric e-bikes, XP 2.0 offers accessibility, convenience and convenience to its users.

Reporting from Inside EV, Thursday (22/9/2022) the company said that XP 2.0 is available in step-through and step-over frames. This electric folding bike weighs about 29 kilograms.

This allows XP 2.0 to be easily carried on the subway, placed in the back of the car, and carried up and down the elevator.

When folded, the XP 2.0 occupies a small 37 x 18 x 28 inch footprint, meaning users can store it under a desk or in a corner of the office with relative ease.

Then, this electric folding bike uses 20-inch wheels and even has a front fork that can be adjusted according to road conditions.

In addition, Lectric features a seven- drivetrain, which allows users to maximize power efficiency when pedaling the bike.

The XP 2.0 folding uses a brushless geared rear hub motor with a nominal output of 500 watts and a peak output of 850 watts.

On a single charge, the XP 2.0 can cover a distance of up to 43 kilometers (27 miles). The company says that it can take between four and six hours to fully charge the folding electric bike.

In addition, the XP 2.0 will be equipped with built-in LED lights on the front and rear, and has been rated IP-65, which means it is water and dust resistant. Lectric will its folding electric bike for $1,000.

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