Everything You should know about Denza D9 Specifications

Denza D9 Specifications

is unpopular in Asia. This is because the brand is a joint venture between and -Benz. BYD is one of the largest manufacturers in China.

Recently Denza introduced the D9 MPV which is only sold specifically for the local Chinese market. Consumers can choose two powertrains. The first is a plug-in hybrid (), using a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine combined with an electric motor. Denza claims, this PHEV version can cover a distance of 970 km-1040 km.

Then, there is a second option that uses fully electric drive, All Wheel Drive (AWD), and a mileage of 600 km. For technology, it has 166 kW, where 10 minutes of charging allows the car to go up to 150 km.

Meanwhile, from 30 percent to 80 percent it only takes 30 minutes. So, fairly fast and very practical. As for the , the has a length of 5,520 mm long, 1,960 mm wide, and a height of 1,920 mm.

The impact, of course, is that Denza D9 passengers will feel more spacious, free, and comfortable. In fact, Denza claims that they are the only MPV that allows passengers with a height of 180 cm to still be able to sit very comfortably.

Denza even has a special edition, the D9 Founders’ Edition. Only limited to 99 units. This version does not carry 7-seater. So, only 4 seats. So that the rear passengers are really privileged.

On the security side, the Denza D9 is equipped with 9 airbags, as well as L2+ semi- driving technology.