DeLorean Alpha5 debuts as electric coupe with 483 km Of Range

delorean alpha5 - DeLorean Alpha5 debuts as electric coupe with 483 km Of Range

has officially unveiled the fully electric Alpha5 and is gearing up for the all-electric future of sustainable mobility.

The takes inspiration from the iconic DMC-12 with a stylish coupe shape with gullwing doors designed by .

The door design is probably the only retro feel to try to present as the rest is really modern.

Like most vehicles today, the DeLorean Alpha5 comes with big wheels and sleek headlights at the front and rear.

Its curvaceous body has a port on the driver’s side front fender. On the inside, there are no flux capacitors as they have been replaced by two individual rear seats.

As with most , the DeLorean Alpha5 removes most (if not all) of the conventional controls and replaces them with a touchscreen in the center.

Regarding the drivetrain specifications, DeLorean is still reluctant to divulge. Alpha5 took 3.4 seconds to reach 60 miles / hour with a maximum speed electronically limited to 150 miles / hour. The battery pack used has a capacity of more than 100 kWh, enough to reach a of more than 300 miles (483 kilometers).

It’s worth remembering that all of these specs apply to the “base performance model”, hinting at another version that will come with higher specs.

Dimensionally, the DeLorean Alpha5 measures 4,995 millimeters (196.6 inches) long, 2,044 mm (80.4 inches) wide and 1,370 mm (53.9 inches) high when the gulliwing doors are closed.

DeLorean said production would take place in while the powertrain would be provided by a UK supplier.

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