Wednesday, July 24, 2024

China Asserts “Utmost Sincerity” in EU Consultations on Electric Vehicle Subsidies

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China’s commerce ministry rebutted assertions on Monday, stating that Beijing has demonstrated “utmost sincerity” in consultations with the European Union regarding an investigation into electric vehicle subsidies. The ministry criticized comments attributed to EU official Jorge Toledo as “grossly inconsistent with the facts.”

Reports had cited Toledo, the EU’s ambassador to China, suggesting that Beijing had only recently responded to the EU’s request for talks.

In response, the Chinese commerce ministry emphasized its commitment to the consultation process, expressing hope for sincere engagement from the European side to swiftly achieve a mutually agreeable resolution.

“China is bound to take all measures to safeguard its rights and interests against any egregious practices that abuse the rules and suppress China,”  the ministry asserted in a statement.

The dispute highlights ongoing tensions between China and the EU over trade practices and subsidies in the electric vehicle sector, underscoring the complexities of international economic relations.

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