Friday, July 12, 2024

CATL cooperates with VinFast on EV “skateboard” chassis development

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CATL announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with VinFast for the development of electric vehicle “skateboard” chassis.

CATL will assist in the engineering of the VinFast electric vehicle through the development of a “skateboard chassis”.

CATL, a manufacturer of electric vehicle battery cells, intends to explore various forms of cooperation on the CIIC skateboard chassis in addition to the current cooperation on the supply of CTP (cell-to-pack) batteries between the two companies.

Meanwhile, CATL, which only focuses on developing EV batteries, is very susceptible to various disturbances. Especially now that the competition between EV battery makers has also increased.

Apart from highlighting VinFast’s aggressive expansion goals and how CATL believes the Vietnamese brand is poised to enter the emerging EV market faster than competitors, the details of the deal remain unknown.

Despite the lack of detail, this new partnership has proven to be invaluable, as VinFast will make it easier and faster to manufacture its EVs.

At the same time, CATL has the opportunity to expand its product offerings and penetrate the emerging EV market with a new brand.

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