Caofen F80 electric motorcycle ready for European market, starts at 5,590 euros

caofen f80 - Caofen F80 electric motorcycle ready for European market, starts at 5,590 euros

Caofen, a Chinese manufacturer, plans to enter the European market by offering the F80. looks very suitable for consumers who like the pleasure of riding on a stylish electric .

Caofen will enter the French market through Jonway France, a distributor of electric two-wheelers.

The Caofen F80 is an electric motorcycle with a strong off-road style and a stylish design. The Caofen F80 takes the form of enduro with agile and athletic capabilities. The Caofen F80 is built using a rigid one-piece frame.

Caofen F80 weighs only 75 kilograms. With a light weight makes the Caofen F80 will make a fuss to drive, both on and off the highway.

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The Caofen F80 uses a long-travel consisting of an inverted front fork and an adjustable rear monoshock. This gives 265 mm of ground clearance and 200 mm of suspension travel. The suspension configuration allows the F80 to easily bulldoze off-road tracks.

Caofen F80 Specifications

In terms of specifications, the Caofen F80 uses a 7V 30 Ah 2.16 kWh battery. The battery is and is housed in a magnesium casing and mounted exactly where the motorcycle’s internal combustion engine is placed.

The mid-drive electric motor used by the Caofen F80 is capable of producing a nominal power output of 4 kW. Its peak power output of 8 kW can make the Caofen F80 run at a top speed of 85 km/h (53 mph). Meanwhile, a limited version called the F80-C1 has a top speed limit of up to 45 km/h (28 mph).

Caofen F80

The Caofen F80 has a maximum range of 96 km on a single charge and an average speed of 30 km/h.

Range will drop significantly as speed is increased. The range will be 54 km when this electric motorcycle is driven at maximum speed.

Caofen claims a full charge of the F80 battery only takes two hours. This will certainly be very beneficial for the rider because a few years ago, charging could take 4-5 hours.

Caofen F80

On the price side, the Caofen F80-C1 retails for 5,590 euros. While the F80-C3 version is slightly more expensive at 5,890 euros excluding taxes and other fees.