Canada Post plans to convert its fleet to all-electric vehicles by 2040

Canada Post Electric Fleet - Canada Post plans to convert its fleet to all-electric vehicles by 2040

Post has announced their electrification plans. targets to convert their of 14,000 vehicles to all- by 2040. Half of their fleet should be electric by 2030.

Canada Post is currently piloting several electric and emission-free vehicles that are projected to make up its fleet. One of the piloted vehicles is a delivery vehicle for areas with a top speed of 40 km/hour.

The vehicle will be piloted for city delivery for one year. Canada Post did not provide details about the vehicle model used and the infrastructure.

“We have a responsibility to Canadians, and to their children and grandchildren, to help lead the way to a more sustainable future,” said Doug Ettinger, President and CEO.

For their electrification plan, the Canada Post said it would invest one billion Canadian dollars (730 million euros) in fleet transformation.

“Canada Post has one of the biggest in the country, over 68,000 employees, a significant real estate portfolio, and an extensive supply chain. The challenge ahead is great, and we know the greening of our transportation is critical.” said Doug Ettinger

“We’ll collaborate with our suppliers, customers, partners and bargaining agents to meet our science-based target, while encouraging others to reduce emissions and take action.” said Cheryl Hodder, Chief Sustainability and Legal Officer.