Buick Electra-X electric SUV concept makes debut in China

buick electra x concept - Buick Electra-X electric SUV concept makes debut in China

, a brand under General Motors announced its seriousness to enter the market by introducing the .

Although it is still a concept car, the sport utility vehicle (SUV) type car developed through GM’s latest Ultium is expected to be a milestone for Buick’s electrification.

The used in the car includes Super Cruise driver assistance technology and the Virtual Cockpit System.

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General Motors in a press release on Sunday stated that the car will be introduced for the first time in in June 2022. The is claimed to bring a series of new technologies that describe electric mobility in the future.

The electric SUV comes with a full-width light bar at the rear, slim headlights up front, side cameras and pop-out door handles.

Jump into the cabin with two individual rear seats. The focal point of the interior is the large 30-inch screen that sits on the front dashboard

The screen has a sharp 6K resolution and really integrates the driving information of the vehicle with the infotainment system.

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A much smaller screen is installed in the center to provide quick access to HVAC controls and audio settings.

As part of the sustainable vision, the chairs are wrapped in cloth obtained from recycled PET plastic bottles. Still from the interior side, the steering wheel of this electric SUV is very attractive and comes in a retro-futuristic style. Meanwhile, the technical specifications were not disclosed by Buick

Buick hasn’t revealed a production version yet, but it could be that the Electra-X is a preview of Buick’s EV plans for the Chinese market.