Audi to keep portfolio fresh amid electrification shift

Audi e tron S Sportback - Audi to keep portfolio fresh amid electrification shift

Last month officially revealed a new SUV called the Q6, which will be limited to the Chinese market only. But according to reports from German media, it is possible that Audi is working on a new SUV that is ready to be sold for the Global market.

The report claims that Audi had to re-schedule the release of its newest car due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a global shortage of microchips. Despite the many global conflicts that occurred, Audi is still trying to get its new car, moreover they also have a schedule to end sales of ICE cars at the end of 2023.

In about other Audi SUVs, the Q8 model line (including the S and RS variants) will reportedly also receive an update in late 2023 with a 12-volt mild hybrid system and improved infotainment. As for the Q7 model, the update will be pushed back to 2025.

On the sedan side, the A8 likely won’t receive any updates before production ends. The new A7 lineup will be updated in 2025, while the A6 family will get improved driver assistance technology and mild hybrid systems in the second half of 2022.

The saddest news came the R8 which was decided wouldn’t outlive it in its current form. This V10 will later live a new life as an EV supercar after the current model ends production.

Audi’s main focus at this time is preparing cars such as the Q4 E-tron in 2022, the A6 E-tron in 2024, the Artemis Project EV in 2026, as well as an ultra-luxury EV built using the Premium Electric.

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