Monday, July 15, 2024

Advanced driver assistance systems significantly reduce rear-end collisions by nearly 50%, study says

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Over time, safety features on a vehicle become very important. Especially now that various world automotive manufacturers are starting to compete in providing the most advanced safety technologies that will make you safer when driving on the highway. One of them is the safety active feature which is also often called ADAS which has a very positive impact.

A study from MITER and the Partership for Analytics Research in Traffic Safety or PARTS found that the use of radar features such as ADAS was able to reduce the risk of accidents, especially rear-end collisions, up to approximately 50%.

In addition to reducing the risk of rear-end collisions, radar features such as ADAS can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by up to 53%. Several ADAS radar features such as Forward Collison Warning and Autonomous Emergancy Braking are 2 key features why these risks can be avoided.

Even though it looks very helpful, these radar features are not completely reliable at all times. For very severe accident rates, this study cannot be the main reference because if the accident rate is very severe, it only has the potential to help reduce this risk by 16 to 19%.

In this research, features such as autonomous emergency braking can basically be optimized in various weather conditions and road conditions. Apart from that, several other ADAS features, such as Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, to the Lane Centering System, can also reduce the risk of accidents, which although not large, are very significant when driving.

From the various studies conducted, it can be concluded that the use of ADAS in modern cars is one of the important devices which naturally is starting to bloom. Moreover, cars at affordable prices have also started to feature active safety which under certain conditions will save human lives in the car.

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