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5 essential tips for electric vehicles maintenance

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Using of electric vehicles has become increasingly massive in recent years. This is because electric vehicles are considered a solution to environmental problems and fossil fuels are increasingly expensive.

Electric vehicles are also synonymous with minimal maintenance costs. This is because there are no longer conventional engine components and mechanical systems that have a level of difficulty in every part of the engine.

Even so, electric vehicles also require special attention and care to keep the vehicle’s performance in good condition.

1. Strive for battery power not less than 40 percent

Batteries are the main spec of electric vehicles, you should always keep the condition of the battery capacity at no less than 40-60 percent, especially if the vehicle has not been used for a long time. So you can measure the battery charge capacity at least every three months.

Meanwhile, for the ideal maximum charging is between 80 – 90 percent. That happens because in some electric cars, charging fully or 100 percent can have an effect on the degradation of the car and make the battery quickly damaged.

2. Choose parking in a cool place

Electric cars require extra attention, including when you want to park your vehicle in the open for a long time. Try to park the vehicle in a cool place, avoid parking in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight.

The influence of solar heat has an impact on the capacity and service life of the car battery. If you are forced to park your vehicle in the open, use a car cover to protect it. The cover material used must also be able to ward off heat so that the exterior and interior of the car do not overheat.

3. Check the electric car software regularly

Some high-tech electric cars are equipped with software in their operating systems. So, you need to understand the specifications and various features of the software. In addition, you also have to check regularly about the software used. For example, when is the time to update or update the software in order to enjoy the latest features. It is important to check software, this is to support the electric car’s operational system to run well.

4. Create a battery charging schedule

Electric vehicle users must know how long it takes to charge an electric car. To find out, it is enough to calculate how much power is needed and how much charging capacity. And every electric vehicle has a different charging time.

Then, to keep the battery in good condition, then you need to make a good charging schedule. Ideally, charging does not need to be done every day, at the latest the charging time can be done every two days. If it is more than that time, it could indicate a decrease in voltage and make the condition of the car battery decrease.

Then, you can choose a slow charging mode to maintain long battery life. Although it takes a long time to charge, at least the battery can last longer.

5. Check radiator, AC filter, and brake lining

Just like conventional cars, caring for electric cars also needs to pay attention to the use of radiators, AC filters, to brake linings.

a. Check radiator

Radiators are needed to keep the electric car temperature stable and cool. If not checked properly, the radiator can be damaged quickly or its performance will decrease. Therefore, to change the radiator water or coolant, it should be done every 60 thousand kilometers for daily use in the city.

b. Check AC filter

Although AC does not have a direct impact on performance, at least its presence provides comfort when driving. Replacement of the AC filter is done when it feels uncomfortable and its working power decreases. This is done so that the air circulation in the car cabin is well maintained.

c. Check brake lining

Do routinely check the condition of the brake lining at an official workshop. If you feel uncomfortable, you should replace the canvas with a new one and also check the brake fluid to keep it gripping.

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