Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Zeekr Unveils Plans for Seven New Vehicles by 2026, Targets European Market

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Geely’s high-end electric vehicle brand, Zeekr, has unveiled an ambitious product plan aiming to launch seven new vehicles by 2026, including crossovers, minivans, and a wagon, according to a report by Deutsche Bank.

Among the upcoming models is the Zeekr 007 Station Wagon, specifically designed for European markets, showcasing Zeekr’s intent to expand its presence beyond China. The brand, launched in 2021, has already delivered over 67,000 cars in the first five months of 2024, indicating strong demand for its existing models.

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Credit: Zeekr

In line with its expansion strategy, Zeekr will introduce two new vehicles this year. The Zeekr Mix MPV, which has applied for a sales license in China, offers a unique blend of functionality and style, as seen at its debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2024. Additionally, the CX1E (Zeekr Ark) crossover is set to launch this year.

Looking ahead, Zeekr plans to launch three more models in China in 2025, including two SUVs and the Zeekr 007 Station Wagon. The DX1E and EX1E SUVs are expected to cater to different size classes, with the former likely being a mid-size D-SUV and the latter a large E-SUV.

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Credit: Zeekr

By 2026, Zeekr aims to further expand its lineup with the introduction of a minivan codenamed Beluga and a crossover codenamed Grampus, details of which are yet to be disclosed.

The Zeekr Mix, with its compact minivan design and innovative features such as the Zeekr Stargate interactive LED light strip, offers a glimpse into Zeekr’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and design. The Mix boasts a powerful electric motor and a choice of battery packs for varying ranges.

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Credit: Zeekr

The Zeekr Ark, based on the PMA2 platform, promises to offer a luxurious and powerful SUV experience, with a design language inspired by the Zeekr 007 sedan. Its specifications, including a 475 kW electric motor and a 100-kWh battery pack, suggest a blend of performance and efficiency.

Lastly, the Zeekr 007 SW, designed specifically for the European market, underscores Zeekr’s global ambitions. Although official images are yet to be released, the 007 SW is expected to offer European customers a unique and stylish alternative in the station wagon segment.

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