Friday, July 12, 2024

Yamaha launches 3 new electric bikes, Wabash RT, Moro 07, and Crosscore RC

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Yamaha launched 3 electric bicycles of various types, one each for riding in mountains, gravel roads and urban areas. The Moro 07, Wabash RT, and Crosscore RC will continue the legend of the iconic motorcycle manufacturer that has been exploring the motorcycle world since 1955.

Yamaha has previously announced plans to introduce a lineup of e-bikes, mopeds and other e-mobility machines to prepare for the era of electrification.

The Moro 07 has a special dual frame and is powered by Yamaha’s electric motor, the PW-X3. The PW-X3 is a fairly light yet powerful drive unit that uses zero cadence technology to deliver instant torque.

The Moro 07 powertrain weighs around 2.75 kg and the Moro 07 can reach a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 kph). Moro 07 comes with a fairly solid handling and a better level of rigidity thanks to the double twin frame.

The Moro 07 uses a tube design at the top and bottom of the frame for greater stability. This electric mountain bike is equipped with a 500Wh battery, 27.5-inch Maxxis tires, Rockshox Lynk Select front fork and a Shimano XT 1×12 pedal set.

Meanwhile, the Wabash RT is an e-bike intended for gravel roads with a sturdy frame design for a comfortable and stable driving experience. The Wabash RT is a light weight bike with a PW-ST drive unit.

The Wabash RT has zero cadence technology and is equipped with a 500Wh battery. In addition to the 500Wh battery, the Wabash RT is equipped with a Shimano GRX pedal set, LCD, and auto assist mode.

The last electric bike is the Crosscore RC. The Crosscore RC features Shimano’s versatile pedal set for city driving. The automatic support mode helps the rider when pedaling uphill, this mode is similar to the other two Yamaha models.

Yamaha provides views of the three electric bikes via YouTube videos. All three Yamaha e-bikes are expected to hit select markets by the end of the year.

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