Monday, July 15, 2024

Yamaha and Kawasaki Collaborate to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Motorcycles

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Environmentally friendly vehicles are currently being developed by world automotive manufacturers, both cars and motorcycles. In addition to electricity, manufacturers are also looking for other ways so that the developed vehicles can reduce exhaust emissions.

In fact, not infrequently, manufacturers cooperate to present future vehicles. As did Yamaha and Kawasaki, reported by Rideapart, the two Japanese manufacturers are in a coalition and will create a hydrogen-fueled motorcycle.

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Previously the Ducati-Porsche coalition directed the development of biofuels, but the two manufacturers stated that hydrogen-fueled motorcycles were the right solution for the future.

This technology also gives a signal, if the electric motor will only be a stepping stone, until the most suitable fuel is found for motorized vehicles. Kawasaki has long seen, if hydrogen is an alternative fuel.

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In fact, they have been developing for a long time, by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, in the line of heavy vehicles but not including motorcycles. Their production vehicles that have used hydrogen fuel are water transportation, heavy equipment, and many more.

These two manufacturers are working together to welcome a carbon-free 2050. In addition to the Kawasaki and Yamaha duo, Honda and Suzuki are also exploring alternative fuels that can be developed along with vehicle electrification.

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