Friday, July 12, 2024

Wrightbus Partners with Forsee Power to Electrify 1,000 Diesel Buses

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Northern Irish bus manufacturer Wrightbus has inked a deal with French supplier Forsee Power to electrify 1,000 diesel buses over the next three years using Forsee’s ‘Zen Plus’ battery system.

Wrightbus, known for its innovative approach to sustainable transport, recently launched a new division dedicated to retrofitting diesel buses. The chosen battery systems, available in capacities ranging from 74 to 84 kWh, boast an energy density of 180 Wh/kg and a service life of 5,000 cycles, promising a compelling Total Cost of Ownership for fleet operators.

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Forsee Power confirmed that their ‘Zen Plus’ battery system meets rigorous industry standards, including ISO 26262 / ASIL C, ISO 12405, IEC 62660, and R100 Rev.3. The system is designed not only for primary use but also for second-life applications and easy recycling, aligning with sustainability goals.

“This collaboration builds upon our longstanding partnership with Wrightbus, dating back to pioneering opportunity charging solutions in Milton Keynes in 2013,” said Christophe Gurtner, CEO of Forsee Power. “We are committed to advancing zero-emission transport by repowering thousands of vehicles in the years ahead.”

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Wrightbus aims to persuade public transport operators to electrify vehicles mid-lifecycle, citing lower operational costs compared to traditional diesel buses. The retrofit process, integrating Voith Electric Drive Systems and Forsee Power batteries, will be completed in just three weeks, ensuring seamless integration with Wrightbus’s own vehicle models.

However, Wrightbus clarified that the retrofit service will only apply to buses from its own production line, guaranteeing optimal fit and performance.

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