Why the Australian Prime Minister’s fleet doesn’t use electric vehicles

BMW Australian Prime Minister Car

In the next few years, the Australian Government will rejuvenate the prime minister’s official vehicle. This has also led to speculation that the Australian Prime Minister will later use as official vehicles.

But, apparently there are a number of things that make the plan will not be realized in the near future. Quoted from Drive on Wednesday (25/5.2022), this happened because the Australian Government had a number of separate considerations in choosing official vehicles for state officials.

One of the considerations is a matter of . Bearing in mind, the prime minister’s official car must be equipped with a number of security features so that the car can be present as a bullet queue vehicle and is able to provide protection in the event of a sudden attack.

A number of security features that also automatically make the weight of the armored car versions increase significantly. Therefore, the EV is considered not able to meet the needs of the Australian Prime Minister’s vehicle.

On the one hand, there is currently no automotive manufacturer that presents special vehicles for state officials packaged in an format.

That is, if the Australian Government insists on using EVs as official vehicles for state officials, it will be realized through regular EV modifications into EVs with complete features.

However, the Australian Government considers modified cars and cars made by manufacturers to have different safety standards. As a result, the Australian Government did not make car modifications an option.

These various things have made the Australian Government unable to choose the EV as the official vehicle for state officials. The use of EVs for state officials still has to wait for premium vehicle manufacturers to start producing EV armored versions.