Voyah opens first showroom outside China in Oslo

Voyah Norway Showroom - Voyah opens first showroom outside China in Oslo

Voyah marked their entry into the European market by opening their first showroom outside of China in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. The first Voyah vehicles will be delivered in Norway this year.

The opening of the showroom coincides with the launch of the all-electric Free SUV model, which will be delivered to Norway in the fourth quarter of 2022. Voyah Free’s first test drive will be offered in July. and August.

Voyah Free has a length of 4.90 meters and is included in the SUV segment. Voyah Free is offered with three driving options. The rear-wheel drive version has an output of 255 kW and an 88 kWh battery offers a range of 505 kilometers. The all-wheel-drive model produces 510 kW and the 88 kWh battery offers a range of 475 kilometers. Additionally, a version with a 33 kWh battery and an extended 1.5 liter range is available in China – for a NEDC range of 860 kilometers, 140 of which are electric.

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For the Norwegian market, it remains to be seen if the final version will also be offered. Prices for the European market have not been announced. In China, the Voyah Free has positioned itself at a fairly high price.

Voyah himself announced his entry into Norway in mid-February. Norway is known for its policies that make it easier for its residents to own electric vehicles. Several electric vehicle brands from China such as NIO, Xpeng and BYD have entered the Scandinavian country.

Voyah said that Norway would only be the first step, followed by other European markets. Voyah did not provide details about markets in other European countries.

Xpeng and BYD who sell their vehicles in Norway rely on third-party distributors to sell and repair their vehicles.

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