Tuesday, July 16, 2024

VMoto Soco To Launch Premium Electric Motorcycle Brand

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VMoto Soco is one of the pioneers in the lightweight electric two-wheeler segment. With most of its product offerings belonging to the entry-level, electric two-wheeler segment, the company has gained popularity in several markets across Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company finds its roots in Australia, with production outsourced to China-based factories. It currently offers its electric bikes under the Super Soco brand.

That being said, VMoto Soco seeks to elevate its product portfolio, and enter the premium segment with a new brand dedicated to high-end electric machines specific to the U.S. and European markets. The premium label is expected to be debuted in this year’s EICMA, and will be called VMoto—in contrast to its entry-level brand, Super Soco. As such, VMoto Soco will now be splitting its product portfolio across two name brands, to provide a clearer distinction within its model lineup. It will definitely be interesting if VMoto were to release bigger, more performance-oriented machines that could rival the likes of Zero’s bikes.

Unlike the Super Soco machines, whose designs and production have been outsourced to China, VMoto’s product portfolio is expected to be designed and manufactured entirely in Europe. As such, we can expect to see more premium equipment and tech, as well as enhanced performance from these new machines. Apart from launching the new brand in this year’s EICMA, the company is also expected to unveil its first model under the VMoto name.

It’s important to note that VMoto Soco will continue operations of the Super Soco brand, specifically to cater to the entry-level, mass-markets in Asia and Europe. It’ll certianly be interesting to see the differentiating factors between VMoto and Super Soco electric two wheelers. Meanwhile, VMoto Soco has also launched the VMoto Fleet brand, which will provide products and services to the highly lucrative B2B market, particularly in last-mile delivery and ride-sharing services.

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