VFLY Unveils N100 MAX Electric Scooter Concept

VFLY N100 MAX Electric Scooter Concept

Chinese startup officially presents the in collaboration with Design to bring the aesthetics of this electric .

Quoting from Rideapart on Thursday, this electric scooter comes with a design that is sleek, sharp, and looks like something that will be seen in the cities of the future because of its very futuristic shape.

The electric scooter also delivers the perfect mobility device for today’s highly connected generation. Yes, everything you see here is still in the conceptual stage, and all images are just renderings.

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For starters, the N100 MAX is decidedly minimalistic, and adopts a clean aesthetic, similar in concept to what BMW has achieved with the CE-04 electric scooter, which is now in production.

However, the N100 MAX is much smaller, and more suitable for city use. This electric scooter comes with a sharp front fascia and simple-looking LED headlights. The LED DRL strip is integrated into the body of the scooter giving it a more futuristic aesthetic.

Perhaps the scooter’s strongest suit comes in the form of . VFLY claims that the N100 MAX will be loaded with all the latest technologies such as a full color touchscreen display.

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Through the screen, riders will be able to access built-in functions such as navigation, music, phone calls and SMS notifications. VFLY even claims that the system will be supported by an AI-enabled assistant capable of recognizing voice.

According to the company, users will be able to access the scooter via their smartphone. If you want to lend your scooter to a friend or family member, you can even generate a temporary key and send it to your friend’s mobile device and give them access to the scooter.

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Furthermore, this scooter system will be able to be integrated with Siri, allowing you to access all important information with a simple voice command. A smartwatch or NFC card can also be used to access the scooter.

The N100 MAX will come with an electric motor capable of producing 65 Nm of torque or around 48 ft-lbs of torque. While that might sound like quite a lot for a small electric scooter, we are all aware of how dismal these claimed torque figures can be, especially in the EV world.

Even so, VFLY has not released the claimed range figures, as well as whether the scooter will be equipped with a riding mode or not.

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Chances are, though, we’ll see multiple riding modes combined, and the range should be anywhere from 60 to 80 miles on a single charge to make it worth considering against most other electric scooters on the market.