Up Close with the E-Pedal feature on Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf 1 - Up Close with the E-Pedal feature on Nissan Leaf

Convenient and economical, this is how the car’s e-Pedal feature works. Leaf has features that can add comfort and save electrical energy.

This feature is the e-Pedal embedded in the Nissan Leaf . The main function of the e-Pedal feature is to increase comfort while driving.

At the same time, it can also increase the mileage of the car’s capacity. To perform acceleration and braking simply use one pedal.

As in automatic transmission fuel cars, there are two pedals, one as the accelerator pedal (gas pedal for fuel cars) and the brake pedal.

The e-Pedal feature can be activated on the button on the center console. When the accelerator pedal is stepped on it will move the car as usual. But to slow down the car, the foot is quite slowly lifting the pedal.

E-Pedal Feature Explanation

If the pedal is fully lifted, the car will automatically brake with the brake lights on.

Braking that occurs from the accelerator pedal is caused by the regenerative energy of the electric motor. The opposite direction of rotation of the electric motor produces kinetic energy to recharge the battery again.

Basically driving becomes more relaxed because you only need to operate one pedal, the brake pedal only helps braking when really needed.