Friday, July 12, 2024

Toyota’s GAC Venture in China Adopts Momenta’s Smart Driving Solution for bZ3X

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In a strategic move confirming earlier speculation, the joint venture between Toyota and GAC in China will integrate a smart driving solution from local startup Momenta into its upcoming Toyota bZ3X model, the Toyota-GAC Group announced on Weibo yesterday.

The collaboration between GAC Toyota and Momenta has culminated in a comprehensive intelligent driving solution designed to operate across diverse road conditions, including urban streets, highways, and parking scenarios.

“The Toyota bZ3X will pioneer our new smart driving solution, marking a significant advancement in vehicle technology,” stated a representative from GAC Toyota.

While the Weibo announcement provided initial details, further specifics are slated to be revealed at the GAC Toyota Technology Open Day scheduled for June 28.

Originally introduced in China on October 25, 2022, the Toyota bZ3 forms part of Toyota’s bZ lineup, following the bZ4X SUV.

In China, the 2024 bZ3 was launched by Toyota’s other joint venture, FAW Toyota, starting at RMB 169,800 ($23,400) on January 29.

GAC Toyota’s current lineup does not yet include the bZ3, focusing instead on the bZ4X as per their website.

Reports from Tencent News on April 7 hinted at a broader collaboration involving Toyota’s global models, incorporating a solution jointly developed by Huawei and Momenta. This initiative differs from Huawei’s existing ADS system, leveraging Momenta’s software and Huawei’s hardware solutions in conjunction with Toyota’s integration efforts.

Notably, GAC Toyota’s recent announcement did not reference Huawei, underscoring Momenta’s integral role as a Toyota-backed entity.

Momenta’s collaboration with Toyota dates back to March 18, 2020, when they partnered to provide HD maps and update services using camera vision technology. This alliance aimed to advance Toyota’s Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) for commercialization in China.

By March 19, 2021, Momenta had secured $500 million in Series C financing, with Toyota among the primary investors, highlighting their ongoing commitment to automotive innovation.

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